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Feed and Seed Store

Our store stocks a wide selection of dog and cat food, farm animal food, bird feed and pet supplies.

Dog Food

Diamond, Canidae, Pro Plan, Solid Gold, Premium Edge, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Royal Canin

Cat Food

taste of the Wild, Felidae, Purina Cat Chow, Armada, Katz-N-Flocken, Whiskas, Friskies

Farm Animal Feed

Chickens - Mash-Scratch, Broiler Crumbles, Egg Crumbles, Egg Pellets

Turkeys - Turkey Pellets

Horses - Surat Feed, Haystretcher, Purina Equine Senior, Armada Equine Senior, Stables Choice, Crimped Oats, Steam Rolled Oats and lots more

Wild Bird Food

7 blends of wild bird feed with corn and without black oil sunflower seeds, thistle, sunflower seeds, peanuts in the shell and out

Bird Feeders

Health Homestead, Perky Pet, Droll Yankee, Woodstream and Aspects

Don't guess - soil test!

Often our lawn and garden soils are rich and productive, needing no enhancements. Others may be poor soils or depleted, needing..........

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Here's a short list of products now being used for grub and insect control:

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